In order to evaluate diversity and inclusion successes, as well as determine what needs to be further addressed to achieve desired goals, it is essential to measure results. By evaluating and measuring actual outcomes against objectives and goals set, you will be able to:

  • Assess diversity gains against set goals, desired outcomes, and benchmarks.
  • Reinforce, encourage, and reward key behavioral shifts.
  • Audit continued and sustained demonstrated commitment.
  • Evaluate the cultural shift of embedding D&I into the fabric of the organization.

Maintaining Accountability

Part of monitoring and evaluating results – and ensuring success – turns on accountability. To ensure accountability throughout the process, Trellis can help your organization utilize:

  • A designated internal point-person responsible for managing processes, with support from Trellis.
  • Creation of an upstream reporting process to hold managers accountable to the overall business strategies for supporting the diversity and inclusion initiative.
  • Employee surveys to assess managers and leadership competencies (i.e. 360 reviews).
  • Pulse surveys to determine engagement, experience, and perspective of employees.
  • Utilization of both quantitative and qualitative analysis throughout the process.