Trellis Overview

Trellis positions forward focused organizations for competitive advantage, high performance and sustainability through diversity and inclusion.

We help organizations build a high trust culture that fosters safe and inclusive workplaces, where talent is nurtured to create high performance teams, driven to succeed. We help develop a culture of community that values multiple approaches, where diversity and divergent thinking is celebrated, where confidence and collaboration produce fresh ideas. Our holistic approach consists of assessments, programs, tools and cross-functional plans designed to help organizations develop competitive advantage by recognizing and leveraging diverse mindsets. Our process is strategically designed to help organizations create a healthy culture of collaboration and community. Our comprehensive data driven methodology integrates “from the ground up” approaches with “top down” execution.

We believe that sustainable competitive advantage emerges from winning workplaces where personally and collectively, all stakeholders have the power to climb, achieve, lead and thrive. 

Our Philosophy:

We believe that all stakeholders should be provided equal access to a supported path for high achievement – feeling valued and respected along the way.
We believe that sustainable competitive advantage emerges from creating winning workplaces.
We believe that personally and collectively, all stakeholders can have the confidence to climb, achieve, lead and thrive.

Let us show you how.