Creating a Culture of Empowerment: Advice for Employers in the #MeToo Era

Publication: Scope
Date: February 2019

The #MeToo movement burst onto the scene after shocking accusations of sexual harassment and assault brought down Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. In a cultural shift, women were no longer afraid of being blackballed in their industry for speaking out against the harassment they faced in the workplace.

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Philadelphia executives: Consider the hidden costs of sexual harassment

Publication: Philadelphia Business Journal
Date: September 2018

The #MeToo movement has done more than simply shine a light on sexual harassment and other workplace issues. Companies that have been operating in the dark no longer have a place to hide.

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Robyn Pollack — Diversity and Inclusion From the Top Down

Publication: The Resilient Lawyer Podcast
Date: August 2018

Listen as Robyn Pollack discusses diversity and inclusion with Jeena Cho on The Resilient Lawyer Podcast

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Diversity and Inclusion in Finance with Robyn Pollack

Publication: Top Advisor Marketing
Date: August 2018

Robyn Pollack joins Top Advisor Marketing to discuss diversity and inclusion in the wealth management industry.

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The Importance of Women Leaders in the Era of #MeToo

Publication: Sit At The Table
Date: July 2018

The #MeToo Movement has given every organization a choice. Do nothing about workplace issues and face financial and reputational risk or proactively take action and commit to creating a zero-tolerance culture. One of the ways to make that commitment is to invest in the leadership and development of women.

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6 ways to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Publication: Leading EDGE
Date: June 2018

For decades, sexual harassment lurked in the shadows of the workplace. Many organizations turned a blind eye to misbehavior of the powerful, and HR departments threw up their hands in the face of “he said/she said” disputes.

But times changed, and harassment became a powder keg just waiting for a Harvey Weinstein to supply the match.

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Attention CEOs: It’s time to commit to a zero-tolerance culture

Publication: Philadelphia Business Journal
Date: May 2018

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill that could mandate sexual harassment training for all city employees – pending approval by voters next week.

In contrast, Pennsylvania has not stepped up with state legislation – similar to that in California, Connecticut, Maine and New York – which would require private employers to provide sexual harassment training to supervisors and managers.

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#MeToo or not us: Change your company’s culture before it’s too late

Publication: Philadelphia Business Journal
Date: January 2018

Sexual harassment cuts across all professional industries, as validated by the “me too” campaign. Incidents can be found in politics, law, education, corporate and proletarian America, and even in Hollywood. One need only google “sexual harassment cases” and any industry to find the articles: there are cases against prominent law firms, financial institutions, tech companies and even a yoga instructor.

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How a Healthy Internal Operating Environment Drives Financial Success

Publication: Turnaround Management Association
Date: November/December 2017

If you want to be a profitable, competitive and sustainable company, it is essential that your organization properly utilize diversity and inclusion and create a healthy, collaborative culture. Learn about the importance of an organization’s internal operating environment to financial success.

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Workplace Sexual Harassment: Me Too or Not Us?

Publication: Society for Human Resource Management
Date: November 2017

Where does your company come down on preventing and addressing sexual harassment?

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How Robyn Pollack Plans To Boost The Attraction And Retention of Millennial Women At Law Firms

Publication: Above the Law
Date: August 2017

In this interview with Above the Law’s Renwei Chung, Trellis’ founder, Robyn Pollack, Shares her advice for young lawyers, the mission that drives trellis and the importance of culture change to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Women in Wealth Management Roundtable

Publication: Envestnet Institute
Date: March 2017

Robyn Pollack joins wealth management industry experts as part of this roundtable discussion about women in the workplace as part of Envestnet Institute on Campus’ Women in Wealth Management program.

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Audit: PPL needs to hire and promote more women

Publication: The Morning Call
Date: December 2016

In connection with a management audit of PPL Electric Utilities, Robyn Pollack addresses the need for companies like PPL to embed more gender diversity into their cultures sooner, rather than later.

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6 Factors Every Law Firm’s Gender Diversity Initiative Needs

Publication: Law 360
Date: June 2016

What do law firms and companies need to create substantive gender diversity initiatives and effectuate change? It comes down to six main factors : (1) commitment of law firm leadership; (2) assessment and benchmarking; (3) engagement and support of men; (4) implementation of substantive programming; (5) acceptance of women’s unique skills and talents; and (6) change in culture and mindset.

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Robins Kaplan Will Offer 10 Weeks Paid Parental Leave

Publication: Law 360
Date: June 2016

The need to increase parental leave is a critical issue in the workplace. Trellis’ Robyn Pollack weighs in on how offering leave to both men and women helps create normalization between the genders, ultimately helping women.

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Podcast Ep. 4: Robyn Pollack – Succeeding As A Woman Leader: No Pantsuit Required

Publication: Progressive Women’s Leadership
Date: January 2016

In this podcast, Robyn Pollack shares the story of her personal and professional journey, the passion behind Trellis and the reason why substantive diversity initiatives for women are so needed.

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