To effectuate true change, diversity and inclusion needs to be prioritized and utilized as the business imperative that it is. It requires a comprehensive and integrated approach that is embedded through and across all organizational processes, departments and verticals. It develops from a culture of safety, transparency and trust that positions all stakeholders on a path of equal access. But achieving the benefits of diversity and inclusion requires thoughtful, focused strategy and structure.

We work collaboratively with you to create customized strategic plans that are aligned with organizational outcomes and business strategies. These plans set forth short and long-term overarching goals, strategic objectives and supporting implementation actions. Our Strategic Planning & Development services include:

Establishing A Clear Definition of Diversity and Inclusion

Trellis can help your organization create a customized diversity and inclusion definition, or mission statement. The following elements may be considered when crafting the definition: culture of respect, value, and acceptance; equal access path to success for all stakeholders; appreciating and embracing differences; building a safe and inclusive workplace; nurturing talent; and celebrating divergent thinking. Included in the definition of diversity are race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, lived experience and veteran status.

Customized Strategic Plans

Based on our experience, we know that the key to success of any diversity and inclusion initiative is implementation of a comprehensive, integrated strategy that is goal-oriented and measurable. Diversity, and an inclusive, respectful, authentic culture, must be woven into the fabric of any business and embedded across and through all verticals in order to reap the many benefits. Trellis can work with you to create short and long-term strategic plans that are specifically aligned with your organizational goals, business strategies and best practices.

The process will:

  • Utilize a data-driven methodology
  • Set measurable, SMART goals, outcomes, and benchmarks.
  • Define critical, key behaviors that are desired to create positive change.
  • Define leading, key performance indicators (KPIs) that will show demonstrated behavior change
  • Integrate talent, customers/clients, investors, suppliers, and community interface with business practices, processes, procedures, and overarching corporate objectives.
  • Lead to development of processes/systems/learning and multi-faceted, practical solutions to effectuate goals.

Preparing for Change, Roll-Out and Communication

We believe it is essential to obtain company-wide alignment, embed an inclusive culture into the cultural environment and communicate a strong commitment to the diversity and inclusion initiative as your organization prepares for change. Trellis utilizes a 5-step process before and throughout implementation of the strategic plan to accomplish this.

  • Communication: Create the Need
  • Reveal the Plan: Where are We Going
  • Impact on Stakeholders: How Does This Impact Me
  • Recruit Change Agents: Follow the Leader
  • The Quick Wins: Share Your Successes