Based upon the overarching goals and measurable objectives that are set forth in your diversity and inclusion strategic plans, Trellis will work with you to create short and long-term actions that will be implemented to effectuate these goals. We offer a range of solutions and work with you to assess your priorities, implementing some or all of these actions over time, to enhance your culture going forward.

Solutions are designed to create:

  • The ability to begin to have constructive, transparent and respectful dialogue around issues of diversity, inclusion, equity and bias.
  • An appreciation for why diversity and inclusion are so essential to driving attraction, retention, promotion and overall strategic business results.
  • Respect for and willingness to embrace individual differences and diverse perspectives.
  • An understanding of unconscious bias, how and why it impacts organizations, and how to begin the process of changing default mechanisms regarding diverse groups.
  • A commitment to creating a collaborative culture of value, respect, safety and equal access.
  • The integration and embedding of diversity and inclusion throughout processes and procedures.
  • A positive perception of your organization regarding diversity and inclusion in the communities and marketplaces in which it serves.

Our Solutions include:

  • Employee Life Cycle Analysis (attraction, retention, evaluation, promotion, compensation)
  • Senior Directors/Management Training
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Community Involvement
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Train the Trainer Programs
  • Policy Development and Review


In addition, Trellis provides a variety of experiential, interactive educational workshops and programs and coaching services.