CLIENT: Mid-Atlantic law firm of over 200 attorneys with national and international clients.

SITUATION: After a large number of women left the firm, they conducted a women’s summit in an effort to address the issues. Participants felt that their discussions alone were not sufficient and they needed to involve the entire partnership of the firm, including men. They decided to focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion at a subsequent partner retreat.

SOLUTION: Trellis led a half-day program for all firm partners. It started with a substantive discussion on the importance of diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on gender, and was followed by a workshop to brainstorm actionable solutions which were shared for further development. As a result, a woman partner was recently added to the firm’s management committee.


CLIENT: National construction company in the power, oil & gas pipeline, gas distribution and communications markets.

SITUATION: This company had a very small gender diversity initiative that had primarily focused on non-substantive events and programs. They were interested in taking the initiative to a deeper level to provide more value to participants. In addition, management was interested in supporting more external business development efforts for women.

SOLUTION: Trellis provided extensive consulting services, including program development and strategy. Trellis conducted a member survey which included analysis and assessment of recommendations for consideration and led a half-day program focused on effective networking, including a panel discussion with senior leadership.

CLIENT: International professional organization that seeks to improve performance of distressed companies, restructure, preserve equity and facilitate improved financial results.

SITUATION: This organization sought to create, formalize and increase participation in a global women’s leadership and development initiative.

SOLUTION: Robyn Pollack launched a substantive leadership development and networking group, focused on giving women in the restructuring industry the tools to succeed. Through concentrated programs on topics ranging from communication to business development to leadership, and an annual Women’s Summit which attracts women from across the country, this group is the market leader for women’s initiatives in the restructuring and turnaround industry.

CLIENT: National association of legal career professionals that focuses on standards for recruiting, professional and career development and diversity and inclusion.

SITUATION: One of the primary goals of this association is to provide training and practical solutions to legal professionals regarding talent management, career development services and diversity and inclusion initiatives. They sought a service provider and expert on these topics to provide programming to their members.

SOLUTION: Trellis provided two substantive training sessions for this group with respect to diversity and inclusion:

(i) How to create and effectively utilize a gender diversity initiative to provide value and ROI.
(ii) How to develop the outcome-oriented actions that talent management and career development professionals can implement to effectuate change in their law firm.

CLIENT: Councilwoman-at-large with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in the City of Philadelphia.

SITUATION: To reach women constituents and provide opportunities for leadership development and learning, the Councilwoman spearheaded a brown bag lunch series focusing on issues facing women in the workplace.

SOLUTION: Trellis created and presented a program on how to be an effective leader, proper positioning for leadership opportunities and effectively raising a workplace profile.

CLIENT: National and international civil engineering, elite construction design and environmental firm.

SITUATION: After one year in existence, the leaders of the women’s group wanted to expand the group’s purpose and create more external, outward facing programs.

SOLUTION: Trellis consulted with the group and helped them design a Women’s Leadership Summit which included approximately 150 client and referral attendees. Trellis also provided a leadership development workshop.