Every consulting engagement begins with an assessment and evaluation of each organization’s leadership team, culture and overall diversity strengths and weaknesses. Rooted in social science and utilizing a variety of interview, focus group and survey techniques, Trellis’ expert team will help you discover, diagnose, decode and develop a measurable, strategic approach to address your organization’s unique diversity and inclusion needs. Specific evaluation services include:

  • Stakeholder De-Identification
  • Leadership Profile Identification
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Cultural Landscape Assessment
  • Current Landscape Composite
  • Diversity and Inclusion-Specific Assessments


Trellis has created its own methodology, represented by the data-driven formula below, to leverage the different mindsets, experiences and traits of your stakeholders to truly drive diversity and inclusion through your leadership ranks. We develop and utilize a leadership profile unique to your organization by extracting the traits, attributes, behaviors, leadership styles and ethos of leadership teams, all viewed within the ecosystem of your organization’s culture and values, and compared to your stakeholder constituency.

We help you discover where you are and decide where you want to go.