Business owners, lenders, and investors can benefit from Bannerman’s disciplined approach to resolving problems and solidifying opportunities. Our specific roles include:

Managing relations with lenders/investors

Negotiations with key 3rd parties (landlords, creditors, customers and vendors)

Restructuring or recapitalization of existing capital stack

Direct support to client professionals to help manage risks and secure opportunities


Business Review
This is the assessment and diagnostic phase. We get the picture from employees, customers, suppliers, the board, and ownership. At the end of this engagement we guarantee that you will know one thing – the truth.

Strategic Plan
Armed with the knowledge from our Business Review, we apply techniques to develop a strategic and tactical plan. This involves stakeholder alignment followed by further internal/external analysis, iterative plan development, and eventual plan acceptance.

We work with the client through the execution phase at the level and effort best determined. Sometimes this means standing shoulder to shoulder, day in and day out for a defined period of time. Other times it requires a full-time team member. It could also be a weekly, monthly, or quarterly review call. We give you the scorecard and tools to track, and provide as much support as the situation requires.

Sometimes there is a specific transaction that requires additional experience and expertise. We can provide those resources.


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