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Our Flexible Pharmacy Solutions Match The Diverse Needs Of Senior Care Communities

Serving the pharmacy needs of residents, patients, families and staff

Your focus is on providing outstanding quality care to your patients and residents. As your expert pharmacy provider, it’s our focus, too. At PharMerica, we believe in partnering with healthcare communities, post-acute care, skilled nursing, independent and assisted living facilities to supply and ensure safe, accurate and timely medication services.

As specialists in comprehensive pharmacy services throughout the continuum of patient care, we offer innovative, personalized, cost-effective medication-related solutions.

Long-Term Care

PharMerica provides complete pharmacy services, IV medication services, medication management and consultant pharmacist services for Skilled Nursing Facilities nationwide.  At PharMerica, we pride ourselves on providing patients and their caregivers exceptional pharmacy service while containing pharmacy costs.  We help Skilled Nursing Facilities provide top-quality resident care.

Assisted Living/Senior Living Communities

Through ValueMed, we create customized pharmacy solutions for Senior Living Communities that ensure improved clinical outcomes, more accurate and efficient billing, and better served staff and residents. It’s a next-generation medication management program designed specifically for the needs of today’s Senior Living Communities with enhanced communication, advanced technology and 24/7/365 access to our service center.

Specialty & Home Infusion

Amerita provides specialty infusion, pharmaceutical and clinical services outside of the hospital – delivering comprehensive IV medication services for patients in residential care facilities or the home setting. Specialty infusion therapy involves the intravenous administration of medications to treat a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions, with medications that are generally not available from traditional community pharmacies due to special handling, complex preparation or the knowledge required to administer them. Whether the patient is being treated in a residential care facility or their home Amerita coordinates the administration of the medication with a registered nurse.


Onco360 is one of the nation’s leading providers of Oncology Pharmacy services.  Onco360 is an Oncology Pharmacy whose clinical and dispensing model was developed specifically to meet the specialized needs of cancer patients, and the medical teams that help care for them.

Through patient advocacy, dispensing excellence, and the clinical experience and expertise that comes from its focus in oncology, Onco360 provides superior care and service to cancer patients, oncologists and hematologists, hospitals, cancer centers of excellence, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, and payers.

Onco360 dispenses nationally through its network of URAC and JCAHO accredited Oncology Pharmacies.

Hospital Pharmacy Management

PharMerica provides special expertise in patient medication safety, regulatory compliance, workforce optimization, remote pharmacy services, 340B programs and drug utilization management for acute care hospitals, behavioral health hospitals and other care centers. PharMerica Hospital Pharmacy Management provides result-oriented approach by delivering clinical, operational and financial value to the triad of patients, hospitals, and healthcare professionals.

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