During the life of any business, through both good times and bad, owners and management often face a variety of challenges:

New Conditions

Shifts in (i) the economy, (ii) business
delivery modes, and (iii) supply/
demand dynamics require renewed or
modified focus


Previous success/failures often paralyze the
decision-making process, further burdened
by a natural resistance to change old habits
(both good and bad)


The decision to recapitalize is often
constrained by either or both (i) a company’s
less-than-ideal experiences of the past, and (ii)
reduced interest, initiative or responsiveness
from a company’s capital source


The principals of Bannerman Advisors will work with owners, management and company professionals to help identify and manage meaningful risks and seize complementary opportunities.

Expertise & Experience

Have founded, managed, financed, bought, sold and turned around dozens of businesses of all sizes across a broad industry spectrum including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Software, BioTech, Construction Supplies, Real Estate Development, Recreation Leisure, and Hospitality.

Have frequently served as a liaison between business owners and lenders/investors, working alongside a company’s professionals and often in connection with pending or planned insolvency proceedings.

Have closed or advised on over $1 billion in capital transactions.

Have adopted through decades of experience a flexible business model to help a potential client engage assistance at the earliest opportunity, when the landscape of potential resolutions is most fertile.